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Privacy Policy

In-Tools is a division of Print Israel L.L.C.

In-Tools does not sell, rent, loan, trade, lease or otherwise transfer any personal information collected through software or services, except where required by law, to any third party outside of the In-Tools Partners. The In-Tools Partners include Print Israel L.L.C. and Rorohiko Ltd. whose software is required in order run In-Tools plugins.

If you choose to receive mailings from In-Tools, from time to time you may receive information to alert you about updates to the software which you purchased, or other related information or offers. You may at any time opt out of receiving this information by contacting us at

In the event that Print Israel L.L.C., In-Tools and/or any of their units or subsidiaries are ever sold, acquired, merged, liquidated, reorganized, or otherwise transferred, In-Tools and Print Israel L.L.C. reserve the right to transfer their user databases together with any personally identifiable information contained therein, to a third-party acquiring In-Tools assets. In the event that In-Tools or Print Israel L.L.C. does so, it will place a prominent notice of the sale on the homepage of its website, with links to information as to how you can change your privacy preferences.

No Extraneous System Information Collected (No Spyware)
No information concerning your computing facilities (other than hardware and software attributes that uniquely identify the device upon which the Software is installed) is collected. No information about your specific computing facilities will be provided to any third party outside of the In-Tools Partners unless required to by law.

No Provision of Information to Third Parties Without Your Permission (No Adware)
In-Tools and its parent company, Print Israel L.L.C. will not sell, rent, loan, trade, lease, or otherwise provide information to any third party except as set forth above.

Modification of Privacy Policy.
In-Tools reserves the right to modify the provisions of this Privacy Policy if deemed necessary. These changes will be reflected in the Privacy Policy link on our website.

Effective Date of Current Policy: February 27, 2008

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