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Adobe InDesign Plugins – Automated Publishing for the Rest of Us


In-Tools offers many solutions for InDesign users—both standardized and customized ones.

Of all our solutions, if you are a book designer or publisher, you will get the most bang for your buck (by far) when purchasing the InBook and InSefer plugin packs. You can save up to $455 with the InBook plugin pack, and up to $561 with the InSefer plugin pack over buying the plugins separately.

Additionally, we are offering another $20 off of both plugin packs for InDesign Secrets readers / listeners who purchase licenses from this web page. Fell free to browse the other web pages to familiarize yourself with what InBook and InSefer could do, but make sure to order from this page to get your discount!

Hurry, this offer is for a limited time!

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  InBook Plug-in Pack
  A bundle of all our plug-ins excluding Drop Words and Multi-Lingual Tools
  InSefer Plug-in Pack
  A bundle of all our plug-ins.
What is InBook?

InBook is a collection of plug-ins which combined, turn InDesign into an advanced automated pagination system. Our goal is to provide the tools for incredible automation in book publishing at prices anyone can afford. To this end we decided to develop our product line based using the APID ToolAssistant developing evironment.

Buying InBook as a suite has a considerable price advantage over buying the plugins individually. When buying the InBook suite, you are entitled to activate on two personal installations—just like InDesign. Buying InBook can save you between $123 (for one installation) and $455 (for two installations) over buying the plugins separately! That's up to 218% off!

There are some plug-ins still in development, and licensed users of the InBook plug-in pack will be eligible for discounted purchase when they are released.

Below is an overview of the plug-ins included in the InBook plug-in pack.

AutoFlow Pro:
AutoFlow Pro combines with InDesign's sophisticated composition abilities to provide a remarkably advanced solution for flowing and reflowing entire documents, and requires only minimal user attention. With AutoFlow Pro you fully control the layout of both text and images, using both master frames and non-master frames.

Formatting Tools:
Formatting Tools is a collection of utilities to enable quick and easy styling of text.

Layout Tools:
Layout Tools is a plug-in which combines three In-Tools plug-ins into one: Column Flow, Side Heads, and Story Tools.

    Column Flow flows text with a variable number of columns. It can create straddle headers and straddle footers, as well as balance multiple column frames.

    Side Heads creates anchored side headers from based on character or paragraph styles. All side heads are reversible—so the side headers can be returned to the text flow.

    Story Tools creates a new concept called "Story Strings". This enables logical ordering of stories as well as enables improved performance.

Proper VJ:
Proper VJ creates proportional vertical justification. The amount of space added is completely controllable by the user. Proper VJ finally makes vertical justification useable in InDesign!

Reflective Objects:
Reflective Objects enables objects and guides to have a defined position relative to the spine. This enables (among other things) the ability to shuffle pages without objects losing their side-relative positions.

Running Headers:
Running Headers creates page-reflective headers, and offers many many advanced options not found elsewhere.

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